Terms and Conditions

Note that we did not send out payment requests in 2020 so these terms are for your information and as a guide to our likely terms in 2021

We will start sending out payment requests within a few weeks of opening registration. Once we send you your payment request you have three weeks to complete your payment. If we do not receive your complete payment within this timespan we may cancel your registration. We may, at our discretion, send some reminder notices and offer some additional payment time, but this is not guaranteed. Please make sure you check your spam folders etc. to avoid losing your place.

If you would like to arrange alternative payment terms we invite you to contact us at registration@stockholmrigamarole.com where we will be happy to discuss your options.

Payment must be made by bank transfer. If you do not have a Swedish bank account then we suggest the use of Transferwise to avoid excessive transfer payments. Please ensure that you include the cost of any transfer fees in your payment. We do not accept payments in cash or by Paypal.


If you must cancel your ticket then we ask you to do so as early as possible. Until 18th May you will be entitled to a full refund of any payment we have received from you. After 18th May we will not refund cancellations.

If you wish to transfer your ticket to a third party then we require you to contact us in advance before making the transfer to ensure that we know the full details of the new ticket holder. If you do not do this we will not honour the ticket. We may at our discretion choose to decline the transfer, in which case we will offer to refund your ticket instead.

GDPR (your privacy)

The Rigamarole collects only the information needed to run our events - the same details that you provide to us in the registration form. We do not share your information with any third parties and we will retain your information only until the event is complete. Our point of contact for GDPR related requests is dave@stockholmrigamarole.com

Contacting us

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions, problems, or concerns. The best first point of contact is by email to registration@stockholmrigamarole.com but you can also message us on Facebook.

We encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions, our Safe Spaces Policy, and About our Organisation

Thank you for reading!