Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find answers to your questions here or elsewhere on the site, please feel free to drop an email to to ask us.

Are the classes suitable for beginners?

No. We recommend that you have at least an intermediate level of experience before attending the Rigamarole’s classes. You should be confident in all the basic movements of pure-Balboa and Balboa-swing and looking to improve your technique or expand your vocabulary.

Do I need a booking partner?

No - but it makes the registration process easier for us, and you stand a better chance of avoiding the waiting list.

Does my booking partner need to be the same level as me?

No. Levels are assigned by us and it’s totally fine to be a different level. Your partner must be doing the same track (full pass or party pass) but that’s all.

Will you sell tickets on the door?

No, we’re not allowed to sell tickets on the door under the terms of our license.

Will you sell single night tickets?

Probably not.

If I buy a pass but can’t make all the days can I transfer it to someone else on the nights I can’t make?

No, we don’t allow that.

Do you offer refunds for cancellations?

Yes, but see the limits on this in the cancellation policy section of our terms and conditions.

Can I change my registration?

Possibly. Email us at and we’ll discuss it with you.

I forgot to pay by the deadline and my registration was cancelled - what can I do?

Oops. Send us an email at and we’ll do what we can. If we haven’t yet given away your spot on the waiting list we’ll probably let you pay (quickly) and retain it. Otherwise you may be moved to the end of the waiting list and have to await your turn.

Does the payment deadline apply if I am still on the waiting list?

No, we don’t send the request for payment until you come off the waiting list, so your three weeks start then, not when you initially register.

What are the payment options?

Bank transfer only. See the payment terms section of our terms and conditions.

Can I volunteer?

Please indicate on the form when you register and we’ll be in touch about any volunteering opportunities that open up.

Why did you move to Stockholm?

The event’s founders (Dave and Hanna) moved to Sweden and got married, so it’s much more convenient for them!

Is Mr Anderson attending?

Only in spirit. He’ll spend the weekend catching up on his cat naps. Mr Anderson is an appallingly fluffy white cat who sometimes attends The Snowball.

Our cat looking out of the window